Spring 2017: 7 trends

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So for this post I will be talking about 7 big trends on the high street that I will definitely be wearing this spring. I’ve also linked some of my favorite pieces from each category, so without further ado lets get started!

1. Gingham Yes, the print most commonly found on picnic blankets is making it into our spring wardrobe with a bang! I’ve already tried my hand at incorporating gingham into my wardrobe. I personally chose a gingham blouse from Zara (similar here) to do this, but pretty much every single clothing item imaginable seems to be sporting a gingham print this season: blouses, button downs (here and here), skirts, trousers, you name it, it’s probably available in gingham. I think that starting off with one item and seeing how much wear you get out of it before investing in more items like it is the best way to go, especially when in comes to “trendy” pieces that may not be so current next year.

2. Slogan T’s A step further than last seasons band/statement T’s, slogan T’s will do all the talking for you. Louder in some cases (We should all be feminists Dior, similar Stradivarius) and more understated in others (Bubble/Gum T /Rainbow T) they work well when paired with pretty much any outfit. Think jeans and a T-shirt or wear them under a crop top for a more fashion forward approach.

3. Wide leg pants Yay! to this one, since they are so flattering and chic! For me it’s a little trickier to find the perfect pair, since I’m petite and most pairs on the market seem to come with an extra meter of fabric (lol). Again, in pretty much every print imaginable they will definitely be a spring staple piece. Also, fitting two trends into one piece couldn’t be easier if you opt for a pair with a paper bag waist detail. Bonus points for their ability to make for a great transitional piece into summer 2017, especially if you opt for a nude or white pair.

4. Statement sleeves Another trend we’ve seen before, big, bold sleeves are having a moment this spring and who’s to complain since they add something extra to pretty much any outfit. If you’re thinking of trying this one keep everything else minimal and let the sleeves be the focal point of your outfit. (personal favorites here, here and here)

5. Stripes everywhere Not exactly revolutionary, but this year stripes seem to be even more popular than they were in past spring seasons. While available in unlimited sizes and combinations, light blue and white stripes seem to  be the most popular with loads of options in blouses and button downs, which offer an update on last summers similarly printed off the shoulder tops. I think this is one of my favorites this season, simply because it’s possibly one of the easiest to wear and incorporate into my personal style.

6. Floral embroidery. On. Everything. My absolute favorite trend for this spring is the embroidered trend. An updated take on the not so revolutionary florals for spring trend, (“Florals? For spring? Groundbreaking…”) embroidery seems to be adorning pretty much everything this season and I’m definitely not complaining since I think it’s absolutely beautiful. My personal favorites are bags and sneakers, but I’m definitely keeping my eyes open for the perfect embroidered shirt. (currently craving this one from Zara)

7. Frills/Ruffles A trend that was carried over to spring from winter 2016/17, ruffles are found primarily on knits, button downs and blouses this spring but can also be spotted on skirts and trousers in some cases. I personally prefer the more discreet options, such as frilled sleeve details, but to each their own.

What is your favorite trend this season? And are you going to be investing in any of the trends mentioned in this post? Let me know in the comments bellow.